Vorlese-App für Android


Penguin on Bord ! App for kids

Enjoy the funny summer adventure at home or on the road

The story for kids aged 3 to 6 has lovely pictures and takes place on the beach. Two penguins play ball and as they go swimming afterwards, they have a little adventure.

vorlesenLittle kids can tap on the reading button and enjoy the story on their own. Older children can read it themselves or they can prove their reading skill, while they are listening to the speaker.



Use this app to increase the motivation of little kids to learn a new language! The full version app contains text and sound in:

  • english
  • german
  • italian
  • romanian

Kids app by Google Play More languages are coming out autumn 2014. The free demo-app contains only two languages, german and romanian. Now available: download the  demo-app for free here !

Android features

android robot Enjoy our safe app ! The only required permissions are for the internet access and for playing audio files. You pay only once for the installation and you get an app free of commercials or In-App payments!

This app does not access your contact list or any other data you save on your smart phone, except for its own media files like text, graphic and audio. It works on most Android devices like smart phones and tablets. The current app size is 12M and thus less than many popular apps. This saves place on your smartphone for your favourite photos and more !

The iPhone version is coming soon. Use our RSS-feed  Feed  to keep in touch and get the latest news !

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